Welcome to McDowell County, West Virginia

West Virginia Fall Foliage

The Colors of West Virginia

Fall is the season of change. As the sun moves farther south, the hours of daylight decrease and temperatures decrease. This causes the leaves of certain trees to stop producing chlorophyll, a green pigment responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. The result is a stunning display of warm reds, oranges and yellows that peaks late October in McDowell County.

Peak Foliage Colors

  • Late September
  • Early October
  • Mid October
  • Late October

Popular Spots

  • Anawalt Lake WMA
  • Berwind Lake
  • Panther WMA


Fall Foliage Trees

Ash, White – Yellow
Basswood – Yellow
Beech – Yellow
Birch, River – Dull Yellow
Birch, Sweet – Yellow
Buckeye, Ohio – Yellow
Coffeetree, Kentucky – Yellow
Cottonwood, Eastern – Yellow
Elder, Box – Yellow
Elm, American – Yellow
Hazel Nut – Brownish Yellow
Hickory, Mockernut – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Pignut – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Shagbark – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Shellbark – Dull Yellow
Hophornbeam, Eastern – Yellow
Locust, Black – Yellow
Locust, Honey – Yellow
Maple, Silver – Pale Yellow
Oak, Chestnut – Yellow
Pecan – Dull Yellow
Redbud, Eastern – Yellow
Shad Bush – Bright Clear Yellow
Tuliptree – Yellow
Walnut, Black – Yellow
Walnut, White – Bright Yellow
Willow, Black – Pale Yellow


Fall Foliage Trees

Oak, Bur – Pale Brown
Oak, Post – Pale Brown
Oak, Shingle – Brown
Oak, Swamp White – Pale Brown


Fall Foliage Trees

Hawthorn – Brilliant Varying Colors
Hazel Nut – Brownish Yellow
Hornbeam – Orange, Scarlet
Maple, Red – Red, Orange
Maple, Sugar – Yellow, Orange, Red
Oak, Black – Dull Red to Orange Brown
Oak, Blackjack – Dull Yellow or Brown
Oak, White – Pink or Red
Persimmon – Glossy Green with Yellow
Sassafras – Red, Orange, Yellow
Sweetgum – Yellow, Orange, Brown
Sycamore, American – Yellow, Brown
Witch Hazel – Bright Yellow-Orange


Fall Foliage Trees

Dogwood – Crimson
Gum, Black – Deep Red
Oak, Northern Red – Rusty Red
Oak, Pin – Crimson
Oak, Scarlet – Scarlet
Oak, Southern Red – Rusty Red
Oak, Swamp Chestnut – Dark Crimson
Sourwood – Deep Red
Sumac – Brilliant Red

No Change

Fall Foliage Trees

Magnolia, Umbrella – No Change
Holly, American – No Change

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