Warrior Creek Development Apartment

Warrior Creek Development Apartment


Warrior Creek Development is a social enterprise/community development organization that provides quality and affordable homes, creates quality jobs, and inspires quality lives for low wealth families in McDowell County, West Virginia. Located on the river in Welch, this historic home along with the house next door has recently been completely remodeled to house teachers. We would like to also provide visitors to our area with a quality place to stay during your visit, therefore we have reserved one apartment for this purpose.

Quality in the coalfields!

The renovation of this home was completed by Warrior Creek Development, a social enterprise dedicated to the revitalization of McDowell County. We saw a need to create more housing options for recruitment and retention of teachers. The construction was completed by young men from the county who are being mentored by Warrior Creek Development in residential construction.


Warrior Creek Development

HC32 Box 543 War, WV 24892

Phone: (304) 875-4821
Email: snow@warriorcreekdev.org