Visit Fair Haven Ranch Lodges

Visit Fair Haven Ranch Lodges


Fair Haven Ranch Lodges is open to the public for lodging and camping, both RV and primitive. Although it is an ideal location for sportsmen and women to come to ride ATVs on the extensive Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, the ranch’s facilities are available for other activities.Located on Burke Mountain in Keystone, WV, a famous spot in McDowell County for ATV trails, Fair Haven has much to offer. Furnished lodges, large capacity conference room, and indoor pool make Fair Haven a premier destination for family vacations, retreats, conferences, reunions, and weddings.

100 private acres for you to explore!

The facilities and surroundings of Fair Haven support many kinds of activities. The ranch property itself is a perfect vacation destination for individuals and families and it is an ideal setting for small and large groups to gather for a conference, retreat or family event.

Fair Haven’s facilities are perfect for staging forays into the surrounding countryside. Bow hunting is popular in the area (hunting licenses and permissions required), and there are many ATV trails providing access to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.


36 Haven Dr, Keystone, West Virginia
Phone: (304) 862-4025