Head of the Dragon

Head of the Dragon

September 16, 2017

Sponsored by: Council of the Southern Mountains

The “Head of the Dragon” joins Back of the Dragon, Claw of the Dragon, and Tail of the Dragon to complete the Body of the Dragon motorcycle series in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. The ride consists of 91 miles of McDowell County two lane country roads. You will be riding: Route 52, Route 80, Route 83, Route 16 and Route 161. Your ride will take you through the local communities of: Welch, Iaeger, Bradshaw, War, Bishop, Elkhorn, Northfork, Keystone and Kimball, West Virginia. You will enjoy beautiful mountain scenery while riding the country roads of McDowell County, West Virginia. Riders that complete all the dragon motorcycle rides will attain “Dragon Master” status.

For more information call: (304) 436-6800

Learn more at www.headofthedragonwv.com