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COAL CAMP CREATIONS (CCC) is located in Kimball, WV within a mile of the historic site of the Carswell Coal Mine Operation. The Peerless Coal Company was located within a mile on the eastern side. This small cottage industry is in McDowell County, noted back in the day as “The heart of the nation’s coal bin.” CCC commemorates that era with more than 80 signature pieces. In addition to standard pieces well known to collectors of statuary made with coal, CCC has hired sculptured pieces that are unique and available only through our company.

The first signature piece to be made with coal from McDowell County mines was the well known, Mac Dowell. We have subsequently commissioned several smaller pieces that are not related to coal, such as the large Vietnamese soldier.

This non-profit business has been called the “best” in this unique business.

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Tradition becomes art!

Coal has a rich history in McDowell County, West Virginia. The West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health Safety and Training lists the county as producing the most coal of all counties in West Virginia.

Coal Camp Creations uses the same coal that heats hearts and homes as a medium for art. While coal figurines are an established craft in West Virginia, Coal Camp Creations has taken a new approach to turn the craft into an art form.

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27790 Coal Heritage Rd, Kimball, West Virginia

Phone: (304) 585-9905

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    Coal Camp Creations tells a coal camp story with characters and objects fashioned from real West Virginia Coal. Mac Dowell, represents the first in a series of commemorative coal miner statues.

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    Heavenly Realms Collection

    Mac Dowell Collection

    Creature Collection

    Coal Heritage Collection

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  2. Coal Camp Creations Established 2006

    Coal Camp Creations is McArts most recent enterprise. At the suggestion of Cheryl Hartley, of Tamarack, in December, 2004, McArts, once again through the funding arrangements of Sen. John Pat Fanning, made inroads to start creating coal figurines. From the first talks with Ms. Hartley, artistic director, Jean Battlo, discussed making this a new unique coal art company. Battlo’s discussed with Ms Hartley a new creative vision, trying to turn craft into an art form. The idea was first of all, to develop a coal camp story, with characters, coal objects, utensils, coal camp home items, etc, that would then be created as original pieces. Following meeting during the winter and spring, 2005 with McArts supporters and Rachel Lester, of McDowell County EDA, Battlo developed the first character and wrote the lyrical biography for Mac Dowell. In this tract, Battlo has included a summation of coal mining history in McDowell County from 1911-1931, including a list of the towns that developed, representative names of some miners who made their living in the region, as well as the list of coal mines.

  3. McArts Established 1979

    McArts, a non-profit founded in 1979, for promoting arts and history in McDowell County. The success mentioned, is related to the fact that McArts, once simply a community theater group, now comprises three  broad areas of development that should eventuate in three separate administrative functioning entities, each doing business as McArts.

    The board umbrella of the vision remains the same:

    1. Providing quality performances, outlets and activities to the citizens of the county.

    2. Attracting  and providing the same for the  projected tourists to our region.

    If we call them and they come, they will want to be entertained.


YES! Please give us a call if you are interested in purchasing our figurines in bulk. We offer discounts for large orders. Many of our customers will purchase in larger quantities and display our Coal Camp Creations in their business or shop. We have the ability to meet the needs of just about any order.

Phone: (304) 585-9905

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