Fall Foliage

Peak Foliage Colors

  • Late September
  • Early October
  • Mid October
  • Late October

Popular Spots

  • Anawalt Lake WMA
  • Berwind Lake
  • Panther WMA


Fall Foliage Trees

Ash, White – Yellow
Basswood – Yellow
Beech – Yellow
Birch, River – Dull Yellow
Birch, Sweet – Yellow
Buckeye, Ohio – Yellow
Coffeetree, Kentucky – Yellow
Cottonwood, Eastern – Yellow
Elder, Box – Yellow
Elm, American – Yellow
Hazel Nut – Brownish Yellow
Hickory, Mockernut – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Pignut – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Shagbark – Dull Yellow
Hickory, Shellbark – Dull Yellow
Hophornbeam, Eastern – Yellow
Locust, Black – Yellow
Locust, Honey – Yellow
Maple, Silver – Pale Yellow
Oak, Chestnut – Yellow
Pecan – Dull Yellow
Redbud, Eastern – Yellow
Shad Bush – Bright Clear Yellow
Tuliptree – Yellow
Walnut, Black – Yellow
Walnut, White – Bright Yellow
Willow, Black – Pale Yellow


Fall Foliage Trees

Oak, Bur – Pale Brown
Oak, Post – Pale Brown
Oak, Shingle – Brown
Oak, Swamp White – Pale Brown


Fall Foliage Trees

Hawthorn – Brilliant Varying Colors
Hazel Nut – Brownish Yellow
Hornbeam – Orange, Scarlet
Maple, Red – Red, Orange
Maple, Sugar – Yellow, Orange, Red
Oak, Black – Dull Red to Orange Brown
Oak, Blackjack – Dull Yellow or Brown
Oak, White – Pink or Red
Persimmon – Glossy Green with Yellow
Sassafras – Red, Orange, Yellow
Sweetgum – Yellow, Orange, Brown
Sycamore, American – Yellow, Brown
Witch Hazel – Bright Yellow-Orange


Fall Foliage Trees

Dogwood – Crimson
Gum, Black – Deep Red
Oak, Northern Red – Rusty Red
Oak, Pin – Crimson
Oak, Scarlet – Scarlet
Oak, Southern Red – Rusty Red
Oak, Swamp Chestnut – Dark Crimson
Sourwood – Deep Red
Sumac – Brilliant Red

No Change

Fall Foliage Trees

Magnolia, Umbrella – No Change
Holly, American – No Change

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