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Question #3: In what year did West Virginia become a state?

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Question #7: What bestselling memoir inspired the feature film October Sky?

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Question #10: During the Civil War, Isaiah A. Welch was a captain for what army?


Most Popular Destinations

Our collection of the most popular adventures.


Pocahontas Motel

If you are looking for an option that offers standard amenities for a stay that is comfortable on any budget, then consider the Pocahontas Motel. We have a great staff ...


Warrior Creek Development Apartment

Warrior Creek Development is a social enterprise/community development organization that provides quality and affordable homes, creates quality jobs, and ...


Spike’s Dog House

Spike's Dog House is located in Roderfield, WV. Serving Philly Steak, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and breakfast favorites, Roderfield’s Spike's Dog House is a great pit ...


Anawalt Lake Wildlife Management Area

Anawalt Lake WMA (1,792 acres) McDowell County. Located approximately 20 miles southeast of Welch, access is provided by following state Route 103 south from Welch ...


Panther Wildlife Management Area

Panther Wildlife Management Area (7,820 acres) McDowell County. From the town of Panther take state Routes 3/1 and 3/2. Panther is comprised of extremely ...


Ya’sou Restaurant

Ya'sou Restaurant is located in Kimball, WV. It is a traditional American and Greek cuisine restaurant. ATV enthusiasts are welcome! Oven roasted Grecian chicken, ...

Most Recent News Posts

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Living Healthy 4 McDowell – Refund Run
Living Healthy 4 McDowell – Refund Run Living Healthy 4 McDowell is a project of McDowell County HOPE April 14, 2018 The April 5K is the Refund Run. Living Healthy 4 McDowell encourages a healthy lifestyle for area residents. We have community organizations and members wanting ... Read More
Country Music with Dustin Day
Country Music with Dustin Day Rider's Inn & Cafe on Route 52 in Northfork, WV, proudly presents a night of country music with Dustin Day on Friday, March 16th, from 9:00-11:00PM. For more information, call (304) 862-0000. ...
2018 March Business Spotlight
2018 March Business Spotlight Meet McDowell 2018 March Business Spotlight: Ashland Resort is the largest campground in the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System and the only "A" guest rated camping facility in West Virginia. Ashland Resort is in their 12th year of business, ... Read More


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